Advantages of laser cutting machine


Fiber laser cutting machine is very popular among users and is widely used. So what are its advantages? Let's take a look at the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine.



1. Good laser cutting quality


When the fiber laser cutting machine cuts the metal sheet, laser cutting is used, and there is no contact with the metal sheet, and the processed parts will not be thermally deformed. In addition, the cutting surface is smooth, almost free of burrs, and no secondary processing is required;


2. The laser cutting speed is fast and the precision is high


The cutting positioning accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine is 0.01mm, the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.03mm, and the cutting speed reaches 90m/min, which truly realizes high-speed cutting and high-precision cutting;


3. Any graphics can be processed for complex processing


The fiber laser cutting machine is flexible in processing and is not restricted by drawings. As long as the product drawings are shaped, they can be laser cut immediately to complete the proofing for customers;


4. The cutting gap is small, saving materials


When the fiber laser cutting machine cuts, it uses laser to cut, with small slits, and computer programming. It does not need a mold, and it can be cut into a good shape to maximize the use of materials;


5. Relatively speaking, fiber laser cutting machine is safer and more environmentally friendly


The fiber laser cutting machine has low noise in cutting the plate, and there is a dust collector to remove dust during processing, which has low pollution. The machine tool is also completely surrounded, which is safer;


6. Can cut various metal materials


The fiber laser cutting machine can cut a variety of metal materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, while cutting materials with diversified shapes, such as round tubes, square tubes, and flat plates.


The above are the advantages of the fiber laser cutting machine that we have obtained through practice. Of course, its advantages are more than these, and we need to find out during the operation.



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