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In 2004, the company was founded.
In 2007, the first yag laser marking machine was successfully developed.
In 2008, the product system was continuously enriched and the first fiber laser marking machine came into being.
In 2011, the Overseas Business Department was established. The company obtained qualification import and export rights, passed ISO, CE, and FDA certification, and officially entered the international market.
In 2012, the output of marking machines exceeded 10 million, and there was a transition from fiber marking to fiber cutting——Won the Shandong Province High-tech Enterprise Certificate.
In 2015, and obtained 13 utility model patent certificates and a technical invention patent, which further guarantees the professionalism and innovation of cutting machine research and development technology.
In 2016, the output value exceeded 100 million yuan, working in 4A office buildings, and the office environment was further improved.
In 2019 performance up 50%——Double performance.
In 2020,and laser industrial park is fully operational.

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