Analysis of advantages of hand-held laser welding machine


In recent years, laser cutting and laser welding have entered the field of metal processing and forming. The high efficiency and convenience of hand-held laser welding machines are obvious, and the "metal welding iteration effect" is quickly produced, which can almost replace argon arc welding, electric welding and other processes. It can be used in door and window hardware, handicrafts, lighting, metal advertising, hardware kitchen and bathroom, tableware, kitchen appliances, agricultural and forestry machinery, medical equipment, sports fitness equipment, construction machinery and other industries.
The hand-held laser welder improves welding defects such as undercut, incomplete penetration, dense pores and cracks that occur in the traditional welding process. The welded seam after welding is smooth and beautiful, which reduces the subsequent grinding process and saves time and cost. And there are few consumables, long life, and it can be flexibly suitable for various environments. 

1.Just simply set the parameters and you can get started immediately. After replacing the nozzle, it doesn't matter whether it is flat welding, internal angle, external angle, overlap welding, etc.

2.The laser beam is uniform, high-quality, continuous and stable, and evenly irradiated. The welding effect is the same whether you are a novice or a skilled hand. 

3.There will be no pores, weld bead, weld penetration, workpiece deformation and other problems.

4.For metal materials such as stainless steel, galvanized sheet, cold plate, etc., it can basically realize one-time rapid welding, which is several times faster than other welding methods.

In order to meet the needs of high precision, high efficiency, and beautiful appearance in the field of thin plate welding, XT Laser uses its core advantages in the development and production of lasers, as well as many years of industry technical experience in the field of laser welding. In 2019, it launched a handheld laser welding machine. The power is: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W. XT Laser is constantly developing and upgrading the laser welding process, insisting on customer-centric and good customer service.
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