Crossing Mountains and seas to meet you XTLASER participates in Kiev international industrial exhibition, Ukraine


Jinan Babio Biotechnology Co., Ltd launched a new product, XA-960 Fully automatic nucleic acid Extractor.

XTLASER with laser cutting machine (XTC-F1530H) and handheld fiber laser welding machine, appeared at Kiev International Industry Forum Exhibition (Booth No.: a, hall  E16), Ukraine. Welcome your visiting.

The Kiev International Industry Forum exhibition will be grandly opened at the Ukrainian International Exhibition Center from November 16 to 19, 2021. Ukrainian international industrial exhibition is a large-scale well-known industrial exhibition certified by the international exhibition union UFI. It has been held for 14 times and is hosted by Ukrainian International Exhibition Center. The exhibition will also be a grand event of industrial technology exchange and product trading deeply concerned by the industry. Well known enterprises from Ukraine and other countries around the world will come as promised to bring you new industry voices in products, technologies, tools, parts and components.

Hot new products, strong incoming

XTLASER is exquisite, simple and extraordinary. XTC-F1530H is an open laser cutting machine, which adopts imported servo driven precision gear rack and transmission to effectively ensure the processing speed and accuracy of the equipment. It is a practical laser cutting equipment with stable performance and ultra-high cost performance.

Plug in bed structure, anti deformation, low vibration, ensuring cutting accuracy; It adopts aerospace standard aluminum profile, with corrosion resistance, strong quantification, high rigidity and perfect dynamic performance; Segmented modular chemical worktable, high efficiency, time saving and safe production; Intelligent visual control system, intuitive adjustment, intelligent edge finding.

XTLASER handheld optical fiber laser welding machine is simple and easy to operate, the weld is not deformed, the laser output is stable, the welding consistency is guaranteed, the laser is focused and the power density is high; Fast speed, large depth and small deformation ensure 360 degrees without blind zone.

Customer certification, quality assurance
Since the implementation of the internationalization strategy in 2008, XTLASER sales service network has covered all provinces, cities and more than 140 countries and regions around the world. The sales volume has doubled for two consecutive years, and the pulse series and continuous series products have been highly recognized by the market.

Previously, old users in Ukraine sent a thank-you video to XTLASER, saying that XT's products and services are the best in his opinion. Not only the product quality is high, the use time is long and the loss is small, but also the after-sales service is the fastest. I am very satisfied with this. He said that he would continue to buy XTLASER products in the future, conduct in-depth cooperation with XTLASER, and go to the bright future of the laser industry.

XTLASER continues to move forward in the direction of precision, intelligence and efficiency, provide customers with efficient and environmental protection solutions for the whole scene of the laser industry, strive to build XTLASER brand into a trusted international brand in the laser industry, and strive to move forward in the direction of "XTLASER, made in China and praised by the world".

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