XTLASER Boost production,One more ultra-high power laser machine!


XTLASER ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine delivered to Guangdong Yian successfully.

In October 2021, XTLASER 10kw class cutting machine GP2560 series landed at Guangdong Yian company, and was successfully delivered. XTLASER 10kw cutting machine helps customers achieve midwifery efficiency and promote sustained and rapid economic development. The two sides move forward hand in hand and stride forward in the direction of laser enabled intelligent manufacturing and win-win cooperation in the future.
Guangdong Yian is a mechanical equipment manufacturing company specializing in the production and R & D of reinforced civil air defense engineering protective equipment, steel structure manual protective equipment, valves and other construction equipment.
Guangdong Yian said that it was XTLASER's professional technology, high-quality products and attentive service that moved them. Choosing XTLASER is the guarantee of choice.

When selecting large format and high-power laser cutting machine, we should first see whether the product and performance are fast, stable and high-quality, whether it meets the diversified needs of metal plate cutting, whether there is brand and quality guarantee, and whether the after-sales service and maintenance are timely and convenient. At present, the production and manufacturing technology of laser cutting machine in the market has been relatively mature, but the ultra-high power 10000 watt laser cutting machine still depends on the enterprise scale and the evaluation of the whole market. XTLASER ultra-high power 10000 watt laser cutting machine has been sold to dozens of places around the world and has been widely recognized and praised by users all over the world. XTLASER is building a three-hour rapid response after-sales service chain to serve customers in an all-round, whole process and whole life cycle.

This time, Yian chosen XTLASER GP2560 10kw cutting machine, which is a high-precision equipment with high configuration and strong cutting ability, and is the first choice for high-power cutting. It has a fully enclosed structure and dust removal system, which makes the production more environmentally friendly, high-definition camera, intuitive processing, safe operation and controllable process.

Dual camera monitoring, safe without blind area.

XTLASER ultra-high power laser cutter GP series adopts double cameras, front and rear table area monitoring, and there is no blind area when processing; Intuitive processing, remote alarm, safe operation.

Regular and quantitative oil lubricating  and efficient operation of products

XTLASER ultra high power laser cutter GP series provides lubricating oil for the equipment regularly and quantitatively to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the equipment and improve the cutting accuracy.

Totally enclosed, more environmental protection and safety
XTLASER ultra high power laser cutter GP series adopts fully enclosed design, which is more safe and environmentally friendly; International standard laser protective glass, in line with CE certification standard, equipped with dust removal system as standard, showing zero pollution in every detail.
XTLASER contributes to the transformation and upgrading of global enterprises and is committed to becoming a modern cutting equipment enterprise with international competitiveness. In the process of development, it constantly pursues the high power and intelligence of products, and always provides users with full after-sales guarantee with a responsible attitude to ensure that users have no worries in the process of use, At present, XTLASER high power equipment seems to have become an emerging representative of the latest productivity in the field of laser cutting.

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