Laser Empowerment·Capacity Upgrade


Laser Empowerment·Capacity Upgrade

——XT Laser grandly held the Wanlaser Empowerment and Capacity Upgrade Ceremony in Jilin

——XT Laser grandly held the delivery of 10,000 watts in Jilin

The high-power laser cutting machine has brought a substantial increase in the ultimate thickness and cutting speed, which can help companies create more economic value and help the sheet metal industry continue to upgrade. XT Laser is always on the way!

On September 30, 2021, more than 50 entrepreneurs and friends gathered in Changchun to witness the delivery ceremony of the 12000w laser cutting machine of "Laser empowers intelligent manufacturing, cooperation and win-win future". This is Xintian Laser Northeast China·Jilin Station An important milestone in development!


In recent years, Jilin Province has attached great importance to the development of the manufacturing industry, and has successively introduced a series of policies and measures to promote industrial informatization and modernization, thereby promoting the construction of a province with strong quality. Manufacturing enterprises in Jilin Province also actively responded to the policy, focusing on high-efficiency, technological, and green development. This time, Jilin Xinhui Machine Manufacturing has taken a fancy to Xintian Laser’s 10,000-watt laser cutting machine with professional technology, excellent quality, comprehensive and efficient service, which can bring more comprehensive, energy-saving and efficient production assistance to it. From then on, both parties Open a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win.


High-power GP series-subverting imagination, shining inheritance



Dual camera monitoring, safe and no dead ends

Xintian ultra-high-power laser cutter GP series adopts dual cameras, front and back panel monitoring, no dead corners in the processing area; intuitive processing, remote alarm, and safe operation.


Lubricating oil is fixed and quantified, and the product runs efficiently

Xintian ultra-high-power laser cutter GP series provides lubricating oil for the equipment regularly and quantitatively to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the equipment and improve the cutting accuracy.




Fully enclosed and surrounded, more environmentally friendly and safer

Xintian ultra-high-power laser cutter GP series adopts a fully enclosed design, which is safer and more environmentally friendly; international standard laser protective glass, in line with CE certification standards, comes standard with a dust removal system, and every detail shows zero pollution.


Cyclone bed, high temperature resistance and fast heat dissipation

Xintian ultra-high-power laser cutter GP series adopts a cyclonic semi-hollow plate welding machine bed with a small heating area to avoid long-term high temperature deformation of the machine bed and provide strong guarantee for customers to achieve long-term batch cutting of medium and thick plates.

Reticulated cast aluminum beam, more durable

Xintian ultra-high-power laser cutter GP series adopts high-pressure cast aluminum beam, which has good dynamic performance, strong anti-deformation ability, light weight, high strength, and more durability. The beam can get higher dynamic response and improve processing efficiency. 



Xintian Laser helps global enterprises to transform and upgrade, and is committed to becoming an internationally competitive modern cutting equipment company. In the development process, it constantly pursues high power and intelligence of products, continuously upgrades customer experience, and constantly pursues new heights in products and services. , Not only to provide users with high-quality products, services and professional customized demand programs, but also to provide users with full after-sales protection with a responsible attitude to ensure that users have no worries during use. At present, Xintian Wanwa equipment is just like Has become an emerging representative of the latest productivity in the field of laser cutting

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