Application and development trend of laser cutting machine


With the rapid development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of production technology, laser cutting, as a precision blanking equipment, is replacing traditional stamping and shearing equipment. Facing the dazzling array of laser cutting machines and the bragging of some businesses, buyers of laser cutting machines are even more confused. XT Laser puts forward the following opinions on the choice of laser cutting machine:

1. Application areas and technical requirements
Judging from the application field of laser cutting machine and the technical requirements put forward by users, the future development direction of laser cutting machine is undoubtedly high power, large format, high efficiency, one-time molding and high intelligence. The wide application of large format in the locomotive industry and heavy industry brings high efficiency and high quality production capacity to users. High-speed and high-precision series laser cutting machines are widely used in construction machinery and high value-added products. As an external processing industry, the super cost-effective cantilever laser cutting machine is the best choice.

2. Future development direction
There are many factors to consider when choosing a laser cutting machine. In addition to considering the maximum size, material quality, the maximum thickness to be cut and the width of the raw material, more consideration should be given to the future development direction, for example, the maximum size of the workpiece to be processed after the technical transformation of the manufactured product, namely The widest range of materials provided by the steel market is self-owned products, loading and unloading time and so on. Laser cutting machine is a modern equipment with high input and high output. Every minute saved may mean an additional 10 yuan. At the same time, the current status of laser cutting machines is also the focus of laser cutting machine buyers. Intense market competition must avoid homogeneous competition as much as possible.

3. Large format series
For railway locomotives, heavy industry, construction machinery and other industries, the contours of the parts to be processed are not too complicated. In order to improve processing capacity and efficiency, it is recommended to use large-format series, generally 3-4.5 meters in width and 6-30 meters in length, to realize the one-time processing of medium and thick plates, saving time and materials. When there are a large number of workpieces with a thickness of more than 20 mm, plasma cutting equipment (thickness of more than 45 mm plus flame cutting) is the best choice. Suitable for processing 3-50 mm or even thicker steel plates. Feeding and cutting are carried out at the same time, and cutting thin and thick plates at the same time will greatly improve the processing efficiency. For some small workpieces, high-speed and high-precision series is the best choice.

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