Operation of laser cleaning machine


Today I want to introduce you to our operating system of our fiber laser cleaning machine, which is simple and easy to operate.
And we will provide 2 years warranty for the whole machine and laser source, 
except for wearing parts and human damage.
When the machine parts are damaged, just send to us, and we will repair or replace them free of charge.
And we will create a group, and you can contact our after-sales staff and engineers anytime if you have any questions.
We will help you every details until your machine runs perfectly.
Operation Interface
The operation interface on our fiber laser cleaning machine is mainly switched by two different states: Manual and Automatic mode.
The laser power, frequency, scanning line width and scanning speed can be adjusted.

Operation Buttons
These buttons on our Laser Rust Removal machine are:

Key Switch-Master Switch
Indicator light-When turned on, the cleaning head will have an indicator light
Chiller-Water cooler switch
Laser Power- Laser source switch.

So the start sequence is, insert the key and turn it, press the three green buttons in sequence to start using.

Red button-Emergency switch. Press in an emergency, the machine will stop working immediately.
Opearation Videos
You can check some videos to show you how to operate our Fiber Laser Metal Surface Cleaning Machine:

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