How high is the cutting precision of the high-precision laser cutting machine


Laser cutting machines have always been known for their high precision. Compared with flame cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting and other cutting methods, high-precision laser cutting machines have higher precision, and can meet the needs of high-precision cutting for products such as 3C electronics. How high is the precision of the cutting process?

The cutting precision of a high-precision laser cutting machine has a lot to do with the material. The precision that different materials can cut is also different. For example, it is also non-metallic materials, and the cutting accuracy of wood materials is definitely not as high as that of film materials.

Ingenuity craftsmanship, keep improving. With the evolution of a large number of products that are intelligent and qualitative, higher requirements are put forward on related parts processing technology, which require high efficiency, intelligence, and precision. The high-precision laser cutting machine effectively meets the processing needs of these products.
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