Inspection Method for High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine without Light


Inspection method for no light during use of High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. Check whether the water circulates normally, let the water circulate normally, if the water protection is broken, you can short-circuit the water protection and use it;

2. Check whether the laser power switch of the machine is on;

3. Check whether the chiller is turned on, and check whether the light signal, control signal and water protection signal of the chiller are normal;

4. Check whether the laser tube emits light normally; purple is abnormal, and normal is pink; whether the water flow of the laser tube is normal;

5. Check whether the laser light path is normal. Press the light to check whether the laser tube is bright. If it is bright and the laser head is out of light, there is a problem with the light path;

6. Check whether the button panel lights are normal, check the machine operation panel, whether the power is correct, or whether the computer software parameters are correct;

7. Check if the fan of the laser power supply rotates or not, replace the power supply;

8. Check whether light is emitted directly from the laser power signal. If the light is emitted, the laser tube and the laser power supply are normal; if it still does not emit light, it means that the laser power supply is broken, and the power supply needs to be replaced.

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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