Fiber laser cutting machine: more potential


For more than ten years, fiber laser cutting machine has been playing an important role in the field of laser cutting. At first, fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable for high speed cutting of thin metal sheet; And now the application scope and function of this type of cutting machine is more than that.

critical factor

Laser power and the use of variable beam collimator (LVD called "zoom system") are two important factors. High power lasers have been around for more than a decade, but it is not until the last four years that laser head technology has really sprung up, allowing manufacturers to expand the range of materials and thicknesses they can cut. Today, a 10kW Electra laser cutter can cut 6mm thick mild steel at 12000mm / min. The device can cut stainless steel and aluminum even faster, with amazing speed. In addition, the laser beam from the feeding fiber and lens is also a key factor, which can not achieve the best processing effect for all material thickness. The Electra and Phoenix fiber laser cutting machines of LVD adopt variable beam collimator or variable focus laser head, which can enlarge the laser focal spot when cutting thicker materials and reduce the laser focal spot when cutting thinner materials. In this way, the equipment can optimize the energy density, cutting speed and punching time according to the thickness of each material.

Mechanical dynamic characteristics

With the application of higher power supply and zoom technology, the cutting speed has been greatly improved. Optical fiber laser cutting machine can achieve up to 5g acceleration, but only special equipment for such operations can take advantage of these high dynamic characteristics. Basically, if the equipment can not maintain the accuracy of the cutting head tip position at the maximum speed and acceleration level, it must be decelerated in order to avoid part deformation. LVD designed and developed the first fiber laser cutting machine from scratch, and focused on the real mechanical and dynamic characteristics. We use a very strong frame, which can use a higher level of power and better power, so that we can maintain a higher acceleration in the cutting process. This feature makes Electra, which adopts closed welding frame and cast aluminum frame, one of the fastest fiber laser cutting machines on the market.

increase of efficiency

Lower maintenance frequency and operation cost are the advantages of fiber laser cutting technology. The power conversion efficiency (WPE) of laser source refers to the ratio of the input power of laser source to the output power of cutting head, which is the core part of the above cost. At the beginning of the market, the WPE of fiber laser cutting machine is 30%, while that of carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is only 10%. In the past five years, LVD has come to the conclusion through a large number of relevant tests: the WPE of fiber laser cutting machine can reach up to 40%. This shows that the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine is even higher than people's initial imagination, and much higher than the 22% WPE of the disc laser cutting machine.

New cutting technology

Facing new material types and thicknesses, we need new application technologies to improve speed, optimize quality and minimize operating costs. These purposes can be realized by corresponding devices and programming software cadman-l and touch-l controls. Our latest developments in this field include: - specific punching routines can significantly reduce punching time, especially when facing thicker materials; For example, a 25 mm piercing operation with a 6kW fiber laser cutting machine can be completed in 3 seconds, while a 6kW carbon dioxide type equipment can take 18 seconds - a specific cutting nozzle design can improve the processing speed in the nitrogen cutting process and reduce the nitrogen consumption by up to 30%. The productivity of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is much higher than that of the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, Therefore, the focus of the design shifted to how to match the appropriate automation solutions for the fiber laser cutting machine, so as to meet the various needs of users. We provide a series of flexible modular automation options (such as compact tower, flexible automation function and loading and unloading system) for large and medium platform type fiber laser cutting machines, which can help users maximize the potential of productivity and product flow.

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